Bankruptcy and Creditors'/Debtors' Rights

LEWIS REED & ALLEN P.C. provides comprehensive service to our clients in matters involving bankruptcy and creditors'/debtors' rights. Our attorneys have represented debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, trustees, and other interested parties in their debtor-creditor relationship. We assist our clients in structuring secured transactions and, where default has occurred and a resolution cannot be reached, taking necessary action to enforce our client's rights in state or federal court. We also regularly protect the rights of our clients in bankruptcy proceedings and one of our attorneys currently serves as a bankruptcy trustee in the Western District of Michigan.

Our attorneys work both independently and in collaboration with their colleagues in all other practice areas, thereby providing our clients with comprehensive services that will identify and address all issues. Our clients have included:

  • Lending and financial institutions
  • Business and individual creditors
  • Business and individual debtors
  • Bankruptcy trustees and creditors involved in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Defendants in bankruptcy preference and/or fraudulent transfer claims (adversary proceedings)

Individual and institutional clients have benefited from our knowledge of the law and our attention to detail. Our reputation and expertise enable our clients to achieve their goals through effective preparation and advocacy. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we may assist you.

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Practicing Attorneys:
   James M. Marquardt
    Thomas C. Richardson